me. Me. ME.

Hey there! Im glad you stopped by… So… theres so much I want to say and share with you, but I dont want to overwhelm you or myself for that matter. I guess I can start with the easy stuff huh…

My name is Michelle. Im 24 years old. Im a full time flight attendant, part time “Decorative Product Specialist” at Sherwin Williams, part business owner of  a local Food Truck in Saint Louis (Street Life Mobile) and a landlord ( I prefer “landlady” ) but hey, whatever’s clever. I still manage to have a social life outside of the many hats I wear.

Im a big sister… and PROUD of my 2 little brothers. My parents are my world! A good friend, to all my girls and good girlfriend to my one man. (Sorry fellas)

So far life seems pretty busy right now, right? Wrong. Im at a point in my life where Im happy with what I do, but ideally, I envision myself having so much more. I guess my aunt got tired of me telling her of all my ideas, so she told me to blog about it. So here I am, blogging….

So I figure, blogging will help keep a layout of my plan to success, and IF im not successful,  at least I’ll have a layout on where I went wrong… lol.

Currently I am in my hotel (Hartford,  CT) waiting on my VERY delayed flight. I can only tell you so much, BUT its getting closer to that time, and Im nowhere near ready…..

ill be right back. Make room for me later.

Things on my mind… Late this Landlady (landlord) vent!

After putting in the floor I realized I did save a lot of money by installing it myself… BUT I’m the type of person where my time is very limited, even for myself rather. So… I contacted some local contractors to come out and paint the rest of the rooms in the house. Painting is a very tedious job (for me) …so I decided to call a pro. Ill keep you updated with pictures when the time comes… Just checking in… (venting done) Make room for me later?

Another project! Painting, Flooring and A lot of Aches and pains in between…

Hey there!! Let me tell you, updating a house is so much work.

What I’m about to share with you, is slightly embarrassing, but also I’m sharing things I’ve done that make me proud. My goal is to update each room every 2 months… and this is really hard with a tenant in the house. SO, my first room (the living room) :

note the white walls. BORING... *snaps fingers* Boom! evo2014jan 6373

a little color. (thank you Jerry, for helping me paint)

So now the walls are tan… I love it, and now for the proud parts…THE FLOOR.

My living room at my property is a fairly decent size. (14’x25′) I thought a dark vinyl floor would work best for my tenant to where it is low maintenance to clean, and a great update to the house. I started with taking out the carpet first (in sections)…well, my brother helped (thank GOD).

evo2014jan 5741evo2014jan 5740

Little brothers do come in handy!!! 🙂 He’s pretty cool too. Follow him on instagram (@theciano)

After taking him to school… I took up the tack strips and staples (that took about 2 hours). Then I started putting down the floor! Like a pro too… 😉 evo2014jan 6996evo2014jan 5791evo2014jan 5793evo2014jan 5810

that was the first day….

day 2, repeat! evo2014jan 6005evo2014jan 6015

those damn staples... ugh

those damn staples… ugh

NOW for embarrassing. As a landlady, you worry about things you may have to replace because people wont care for your things like you would, ya know? To say the least, I felt like I would have to replace my tub and shower, because of the condition it was in. The dirt build up was ridiculous… So i called a friend of mine who has her own cleaning company (Daisy Made).

LADIES & GENTLEMEN, ….here’s Daisy!


after I introduced to her to: evo2014jan 6083&IMG_0157

I went back downstairs and tried to get my mind off them.

"Lord please let Daisy work a miracle in these bathrooms...please"

“Lord please let Daisy work a miracle in these bathrooms…please”

so while Daisy did this: IMG_0190 I did this: IMG_0141 my brother did this?:IMG_0236 (and helped clean up)

Finally after a little sweeping IMG_0246and a damp cloth to wipe the floors downIMG_0263 The room is halfway done! Yea baby! evo2014jan 6081

oh yea….. you wanna see what Daisy did to the bathrooms???

WHALA! IMG_0275evo2014jan 6150……..a miracle is what she did!

For cleaning and organizing needs contact Daisy @ (314)919-5057  Instagram @daisymadecleaning and check out her website

til next time folks…

Make a little room for some cleaning. FOREAL.